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Monday, 24 June 2013

Marvel Legends Action Figures Line

Marvel Legends is an Action Figure line based on the characters of Marvel Comics, Initially it was produced by Toy Biz, but later by Hasbro.

The Marvel Legends line is a spin-off of the Spider-Man Classics line also produced by Toy Biz. At its inception in 2002, the Marvel Legends line took over the clamshell packaging and the included comic book that had shipped with the Spider-Man Classics line.
The first Marvel Legends series included representations of the Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, and Toad.

Fast Forward to 2007, and Hasbro became the new license holder of the rights to produce toys and games based upon the Marvel Universe, while Toy Biz was renamed Marvel Toys.
However the new Hasbro packaging did not include a comic this time.

For a Complete List of Released figures vist Wiki Marvel Legends Page

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